20 thoughts on “Start a Hostel!”

  1. Great article, it is simple and direct enough.

    It presents everything you could need to jump over the hostels business world or to probably stay back and get focused on some other things.

    Thanks a lot for giving it out to us!

  2. Thank for taking the time to gather this information. We look forward to opening our first hostel here in South Africa so everything helps to make it a success the first time around.

  3. hi backpackers!

    i am currently looking into buying an existing backpackers in Mozambique.

    I would like to pass some ideas with you.

    All the best

  4. im looking at opening a backpackers in niseko japan, not a huge amount of space probably sleeping 30pax.
    with japanese laws is there something specific i should be looking out for. at the moment it seems to be smooth sailing but everything in japan takes time and im a bit worried that im going to come across something big very soon… any heads up from peeps whove tried to do anything there??


  5. Hello,i would like to open a hostel in Guyana not huge but around 40 beds i have already the land is there anything i should take in to consideration.. is there any information or ideas you would like to share ?

    thank you

  6. Hi! Opening up a backpacker lodge in the Peruvian Amazon. Itยดs a hostel as well as a Kukama cultural centre, intended to keep the indigenous culture alive by teaching foreigners about their customs, and the problems facing communities today. Any advice on how to incorporate both aspects into business??? Thanks!


  7. Hi. I wonder if you can give me any advise on setting a hostel up in spain. I have been researching this idea for some time now. I am looking to start out by getting an agreement with a landlord for a hostel and renting (whilst living there myself) I wonder if you have any information regarding this along with anything to do with getting the relevant permits or meeting any regulations and even what order you would go about this. For example do you get the rental agreement and property before all the permits etc. I do understand that there are different rules and regulations everywhere and so spain may not be your area. If you can not help, is there another website or any links that may help at all. I would really appreciate any help. Thankyou craig

  8. Have a new small backpackers in a very popular rural coastal area in South Africa. Need to advertise in a specidfic medium to guarantee walk ins. Our only competition advertises here.

    Does anyone know if there is any form of funding / assistance available out there. Its rather costly, but it definately works. We just don’t have the cash to put upfront.


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